Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ira and his wife have their baby

Wow, an event that goes on every day in the midst of so much routine and depressing news.  We don't even notice it until it impacts our lives.  The miracle of birth is a secret, awe inspiring event for husband and wife.  It isn't a secret because we try to hide it.  In fact, we do our best to scream to the mountain tops with pride, proclaiming our new found love and the beauty that moves our heart into a whole new world of being.  Our best efforts to inform the world of the boundless joy of having a child are heard only by the wisened ears of veteran parents.  It is a secret because no words can convey the joy, the rapture, the purity of goodness that looking in to the eyes of your own child, newly arrived brings to you and your wife.  The mystery is unfathomable until you become an initiated member of the elite club of parenthood.  Welcome to the club little brother, Kristen; welcome to the world little one!  You are born in to a community that welcomes you and loves you.  We are preparing the way so that you will be surrounded by peer mentors, wise Aunts and Uncles, and a council of Elders as you live your vision!